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Who is ENCRE ?

ENCRE (“ink” in French) is a Brussels-based non-profit association established under Belgian law, where people working in comics can join forces to pursue two objectives: 1. make their voices heard in Europe, and 2. cooperate for new projects and initiatives.

Whether you are a comic writer, penciler, inker, or a comic festival, bookshop, art dealer; whether you want to do culture, business, or policy; whether you are looking for a partner, a spokesperson, or just someone like you, ENCRE is your place.


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Our Services

EU Affairs

Updates and insights on European Union culture policy.



Stakeholders’ engagement, relationship building & development.

Project Management

Assistance in EU funding proposals preparation and implementation.


Information on comics-related initiatives in the EU and beyond.


Become an ENCRE Member

The Encre Statutes define three prospective roles for members: Observer, Associate and Full Member. Each role entails different responsibilities and different membership fees.

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