We are recruiting an intern to support our project management activities. The intern will work on the implementation of already approved project tasks and will contribute, within the limits of his/her abilities, to the preparation of possible future applications for new projects.


Specifically, the intern’s tasks will be as follows:


  • take part in comics festivals held regularly throughout Europe throughout the year, helping to set up stands and present project material and results to visitors;
  • take part in the production of project outputs, whether toolkits, publications, research, studies, or other products foreseen within the work programmes of approved projects;
  • assist staff in communication activities, contributing to the management of social media and the project website, as well as any other dissemination activities foreseen in the work programmes of approved projects and in the association’s communication plans;
  • assisting the staff in the management of contacts of currently running projects and in the establishment of partnerships for future projects;
  • assisting staff in the preparation of documents to be submitted to participate in the calls for proposals opened by the European Union under the Creative Europe, Erasmus+, ERCV and any other programme deemed of interest by the board. 


The following characteristics are required:


  •  educational qualification of at least a three-year university degree or equivalent;
  • knowledge of English at a level of at least B2;
  • willingness to travel;
  • knowledge of the Office package and of the main document or project management software.


The following are considered preferential qualifications:


  • knowledge of French at a level of at least B2;
  • previous knowledge, through experience or qualification, of the workings of the European Union and its policies;
  • artistic skills related to the visual arts developed through personal interest, work experience or qualification;
  • knowledge of the main graphics and audiovisual production software.


The internship will start in November and take place over a period of between 3 and 9 months, depending on the candidate’s interest and ability to fit in. The activities will mainly take place in Brussels, at our operational headquarters located at Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, subject to the above-mentioned need for travel. The intern will have to sign a volunteer contract for the first few months at the facility and will receive the following grant:


– EUR 540 for the first 3 months;

– EUR 830 for the next 3 months;

– EUR 1000 for the next 3 months.


He/she will also receive a monthly public transport pass worth no more than EUR 50 for the duration of the internship. The association assumes no responsibility for finding accommodation. 


The internship does not constitute a commitment to an employment contract and can be terminated at any time by either party.


If interested, please send CV and covering letter to info@encre-ngo.eu no later than 31 October 2023.