Who we are?

If you ever happened to deal with EU matters, you may be aware that in Brussels there are a number of so-called networks where stakeholders from basically any kind of human activity meet to promote their own agenda. But this is not us: this is you. We are just the ones making it possible.

We know the tools needed to get the job done, and we wish to be at your disposal. Please, do not leave without taking a look at our services.

Our Identity


We assemble partners and ideas to launch EU-funded projects and initiatives involving stakeholders of the comics sector. We also stay in touch with EU institutions to let you have a say in EU cultural policy and decisions. In short: we make you count.



Comics are a constantly increasing share of publishing sector. More than just that: outside the EU, they are a huge industry stretching from West to East, from USA to Japan, which nowadays contribute to shape many features of our culture, from movies to internet. Comics are also born and grown in the EU, but they do not enjoy the same status here as everywhere else. It is time for a change. We aim at increasing visibility and dignity of European comics in the EU and beyond, bringing the ninth art to centre stage.


Call it what you want: graphic novel, visual narrative, drawn literature, sequential art, what motivates and drives us is, needless to say, comic books. We like reading them, we like collecting them, we like talking about them. We think that European comics are a heritage worth of promotion and sharing.